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B&Z United Ltd. Co., was established at the beginning of 2020 – an Egyptian limited liability company, engaged in the manufacture and trade of dental care, personal care and cosmetics products. It was founded on the principle of producing, manufacturing and trading high-quality products that contribute to the advancement of the Egyptian and Arab national products.


Deep Cleaning

Recommended by dentists

Dental floss picks Zi

One of the most important dental care tools, as it reaches between the teeth that no other tool can reach the food residues and deposits in the narrow spaces between the teeth, which cause bad breath and lime deposits on them and lead to decay, all because of the food waste remaining between the teeth, which cannot be Ordinary toothbrush reach them!!

“Dentists advise to use dental floss regularly to maintain dental hygiene and oral health.”



Dental floss picks ?

  • A product that is the best in terms of quality, as our products are made of the finest high-quality polypropylene materials, which maintains dental health The health of the gums to leave them clean and healthy 100%.
  • Dental floss picks characterized by the use of dental floss with international high-quality specifications, which compete with foreign-made products, so that we can be proud of our national product.



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ZI brand products are of superior quality It was a challenge to combine focus
On the quality standard and offering the product at the best possible price

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